Hello! My name is Caio Volpato (caioau), from Brazil.

I have Bachelor’s Degree in Computational and Applied Mathematics (also did alot of courses in statistics) at Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Scientific Computation (IMECC) of the University of Campinas (Unicamp) and an post graduate course in Data Science (complex data mining course).

And I been working with Data Science and DevOps.

I’m passionate about maths, free/libre software, cyber security, cryptography, privacy and hacker culture.

Since 2019, I’m a core member of the Casa Hacker hackerspace (casahacker.org). We are a young hackerspace with the mission of empowering local communities through technology.

I’m also a volunteer at the Tor Project operating some Relays, doing translations and other demands from global-south community.

As June of 2020 , the best video that anyone can learn what this topics is all about is Data made by Oliver Thorn in his Philosophy Tube YouTube channel.

Another great video is Internet Expert Debunks Cybersecurity Myths | WIRED where Eva Galperin gives awesome advices on how to stay secure in the internet.


You can contact me via:


My email address is:

caio *dot* volpato *at* riseup *dot* net

If you want to encrypt the message you can use my PGP key, here’s the fingerprint:

rsa4096/0xEFF5B2E180F294CE: 210B C5A4 14FD 9274 6B6A 250E EFF5 B2E1 80F2 94CE

Tip: If you don’t know how to encrypt a message using PGP, you can use keybase-encrypt: Put your message there and hit the Encrypt button and paste the encrypted message in the email.


My Signal number is below (do your thing to decode it), Don’t forget to set the disappearing messages timer to 1 week.

echo KzU1IDE5IDkgODEwOCA1MTA0Cg== | base64 -d